Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Great Big, Out-Of-Control Malamutes Learn To Focus

After one training session and one class, the Malamutes learned to "place" and "stay."
When Erin & Chuck first brought their Malamutes to one of our dog training seminars, they were out of control, lunging and barking at other dogs.  They were very distracted, and at 110 pounds and 140 pounds were a danger to themselves and their owners.  Erin and Chuck had been using the snout loop head harnesses to control them, but the dogs fought the harnesses and had injured themselves straining against them.  After just one session, we transferred responsibility for paying attention to their handlers to the dogs, asked them to step up and learn to follow their handlers, and work with us instead of against us.  The difference from one week to the next was striking.  Everyone is much more relaxed now and feeling much more secure with each other. 

Schipperkes, Pointers And Dobies, Oh My!

Harley, a four-month old Schipperke, is learning to do agility

Look what fun our new class member, Harley, a four month old Schipperke is having learning to do agility.  We have fun at class and also proof the dogs for reliability around severe distractions.  Peace of mind with your dog comes from knowing you can trust your dog to pay attention to you and follow instructions.

Norman, a Wire Haired Pointer

Lucy, a Doberman

Hank, a Doberman

Koda, a Standard Poodle

Spanky, an Australian Kelpie

Do You Have To Have A Hunting Breed To Train For Hunting?

Tom & Jewel ready for a day's retriever training

We are often asked if it is absolutely necessary to own a breed bred specifically for hunting in order to train the dog to hunt. The answer is emphatically NO. But your dog needs to have high drive, lots of determination, be able to learn to work with you as a team player and be intelligent. If you introduce your dog to birds, gunfire and retrieving in a positive way, you will most likely have a dog that will serve you well in the field hunting. Training and play will enhance your relationship with your dog.

Tom Saunders and his Border Collie, Jewel are shown here ready for a day of training in the field. They should be good to go by this year's hunting season.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Cabelas Sporting Dog Days June 24th 25th 2011

Join Fast Pup Dog Training at Cabelas in Lacey, WA on Saturday June 24th and Sunday, June 25th for seminars on "Principles of Field Obedience" and "Fundamentals of Retrieving."

On Saturday, join us at 11:00 am for the presentation on Field Obedience: A dog with great obedience in the field is the first step to creating an enjoyable hunt. In this hour, learn why having a well trained dog will make a hunt more enjoyable and safer for not just you but your hunting partners. Come learn what, when, how, and how often you should work on obedience and don’t risk not getting invited to the next hunt by your buddies because of an unruly dog.

Stick around for the following seminar, Fundamentals of Retrieving,starting at noon: While sporting breeds have a natural ability to retrieve, our experts will discuss what these dogs need become exceptional hunting partners. Training a retriever is more than just dropping a duck in the field and telling your dog to “hunt it up”. Come learn how teaching fundamentals like steadiness, force fetch, multiple marks, and blind retrieves improves your hunting experience with your dog and creates a great day of hunting.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

DogTraining In Crazy Weather Around Tacoma

The weather has been really crazy this year. We had record cold in April. The Daffodils and Tulips, the trees, are all late to bloom and set leaves. Last weekend was Sunday, May 15th. Here are pictures of a training pond with an extra several feet of water submerging the banks and the boulders that are usually visible.

Two days later, the sun is out, it is approaching 60 degrees and we are on a photo shoot of dogs with spring flowers.