Saturday, August 13, 2011

Great Training Day At Puget Sound Retriever Club

Thanks to everyone who came out, helped out, and ran their dogs at Puget Sound's August, 2011 training day!  What a fun, relaxing day with the dogs.  We were lucky enough to have live flyers (pigeons--and fantastic marksmen to shoot them) in the morning for the land triple set up.  Then we had a single mark with the dogs entering the water out of a boat plus a blind under the arc of the single mark for the afternoon set up.  The marks were challenging for seasoned dogs, but easily simplified for the pups and junior dogs.  As an added scrumptious bonus, a yummy bar-b-que!

Sending dog from a boat
Dog heads towards mark

Headed for the retrieve

Sierra at gun station across pond

Snap On Tools Barbeque being readied to flame broil

The Snap On Barbeque is a true collectors item!


All the fixins for a great lunch!

Sierra introduces the pups to a boat

A bevy of beauties!

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