Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Training Long Water Blinds

After you have laid your training foundation (pile work, stopping on whistles, directional casting, wagon wheels and pattern blinds) it is time to stretch your retriever out on water.  To develop confidence in your dog, you should be willing to hike, wade or swim a long way in order to show your dog where you want him to go.

In this example, wading through shallow water was necessary in order to get out to where we wanted the blind.  The first time we ran these blinds, all the dogs were sitting at the line, watching one of us plant the blind.  A pole with orange or pink surveyor tape helps us remember exactly where the birds are planted--and the ribbons fluttering in the breeze gives the dog a hint at where we want him to go.  This footage was shot several days after the first time Jag was shown the blind.  He did not see the blind planted this time, but he did remember where it was.  This gives him the confidence he will need to run cold (unknown) blinds later.

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