Monday, September 26, 2011

2011 September Youth Pheasant Hunt

7:45 AM Safety Meeting
Area 14, near Roy, Washington, is a huge open prairie with varied cover, a creek and wetlands.  It is mostly flat with gently rolling hills.  The 2011 Youth Pheasant Hunt, put on by many and various volunteer groups was a superbly organized and magnificently executed affair.  The volunteers were passionate in their desire to introduce kids to the excitement of hunting pheasant, working behind bird dogs and trying out their shooting skills.  Great effort was made to make sure there were plenty of birds in the field so that kids and dogs were exposed to as many opportunities as possible.  A special thanks to the local Pheasants Forever organization for all their hard work. 

A Different Kind Of PETA
A Family Affair
A Young Man Hunts
Dogs Forge Ahead To Find Birds
Fall Is In The Air
A Little Girl's First Hunt
A Pup's First Rooster
A Young Woman Hunts With Mount Rainier Background
A Very Rewarding Day!

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