Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Husband Wants To Get Rid Of Our Dog

Found This On Facebook After The Call
Got one great call this morning.  A woman said that she had a little dog who was 2 and a half years old.  The dog was part cattle dog and it had snapped at a few people lately.  She was afraid it the dog were taken to the shelter, it would be euthanized.  She did not want to take it to the shelter, but her husband had already made up his mind.  They live on base at JBLM and she said her husband was afraid they would be sued by someone if the dog bites someone there.  The woman said she was trying to find an alternative to taking the dog to the shelter.  Did I know of anyone who would take this dog and "rehabilitate" it? 

Since I run a dog training business, I was really puzzled at her approach.  She was very carefully avoiding asking me if I could help them TRAIN this dog.   She wanted instead to find a guilt-free way of dumping the dog. 

I told her that the behavior her dog was displaying was very common in livestock type herding dogs, and the behavior was easily fixed.  Would she like to come to one of our no-cost, no-obligation seminars where we do awesome demos with our dogs?  Where she and her husband would clearly see that dogs can be trained and conditioned to pay attention to their owners, give up dangerous behaviors, and live a full and rich life?  Where she could see that is is entirely possible to have peace of mind about your dog and not worry about being "sued?"

Suddenly she wanted to know how much it would cost for training.  I explained that I never discuss price or cost until people come to the seminar where they can understand what the value of the training is.   I explained that in an hour to an hour and a half, she and her husband would be educated as to how we do what we do and have all their questions answered, including price and cost.  She did not think her husband would be willing to come to a seminar because he had already made up his mind to take the dog to a shelter.

I explained that owning a dog comes with the responsibility to learn how to train it NOT to bite people and taking the dog to be killed was sort of shirking that responsibility.  I told her that the cost for training is less than any of the other costs associated with a dog.  And I asked her why she would be so concerned about cost anyway, since they obviously had plenty of resources.  After all, if someone is going to sue you, they are not going to bother with that unless you have resources to tap into.  Suing people with no money or assets would be a ridiculous waste of time and energy.

The conversation ended with the woman telling me that she would "ask" her husband if he would be willing to come to a seminar, but assured me that he had already made up his mind about the dog. 

Rest In Peace, little dog.  I am so sorry that the humans you have lived with for over two years care so little about you that they would refuse to learn how to train you and just take you to be killed.  I can only save the dogs whose owners care about them.

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