Monday, September 5, 2011

PSRC NAHRA Hunt Test September 3/4 2011

Thanks to everyone who came out to help and run dogs at the Puget Sound Retriever Club Hunt Test this Labor Day Weekend.  It was a blast! Here are some pictures.

Kate took MANY pictures and they can't all be posted.  Please email her at to get pictures taken of you and your dogs. 

Harry heads to the line in the Senior Test
Calling the ducks in
Harry Sends Dog For Duck

Returning With The Poultry

Tim L & Marty Judged The Senior Stake

Marty Gives Handler Instructions For Test

Rick & Brandon Run A Gun Station

Tim Runs Another Gun Station

Harry & Jim Judged Intermediate Stake On Saturday

Jim Greets Handlers With Their Gun & Instructions For Test

Fran Lines Disco For Water Marks

Break For BBQ Lunch


Harry said...

Indeed it was a fantastic time. Good tests, great dog work, really good people helping out/participating and a real nice weekend spent in Mason County.

Thanks to Kate for the photography. Your pups really enjoyed the land & water retrieves during the Beginner Stake on Sunday. Harry

Fast Pup Dog Training said...

Fran and I were so impressed with how relaxed and friendly everyone was! The stakes were challenging and fairly judged. And all the folks helping out were greatly appreciated. The timing of the test, just as hunting season is getting started was great. Hope you guys are able to do it again next year! Remember, everyone, the Puget Sound Retriever Club grounds is only an hour away from downtown Tacoma. Beautiful, well maintained hunting training grounds, and fabulous water.