Tuesday, September 20, 2011

High End Flashlight Party This Saturday

Popcorn Seattle Area Get Together Note

Saturday, September 24th, 2011 Seattle area get together is using the May sight for the September get-together :


Saturday, September 24th, 2011 at
20245 SE 192nd St. Renton 98058
Please call or email Kate at 253.569.0411 or fastpup@gmail.com

This should be a great way to Cap the Summer and start the Night Time of the year!

Fenix's Selection, IgNITEor's Death Ray, LightSward's Gorilla, Power by Chizel Electric. and MORE! Be there!

A few photos of some of the toys at May's get together. Don't miss this one!

One of many personal flashlight collections on display.

Gorilla with 1,200 HMI

Here is a view showing the more focused Gorilla beam.

IgNITEor's awesome tank light!

The Tank Light lights up the heavens with it's powerful Xenon short arc lamp.

Come see how your light shines! Don't miss it!

Here is the Mini LightSward with 1,200 watt HMI short arc with high volume air cooling system!

The 1,200 watt HMI short arc Mini LightSward
Handy with the Mini LightSward attached! I love your Avatar

Mini LightSward Searchlight cloud shot

The Mini LightSward is seen here light the clouds about a mile and a half in altitude, as seen from a block away.

The Mini LightSward with 1,200 watt HMI double ended short arc high intensity light using a 7.5 inch Cyclops reflector with high volume cooling system, UV and Ozone collector and pleasing light guidance system.

Mini LightSward Searchlight beam shot near light source

Many people expected, so come early for the fun!

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