Sunday, September 18, 2011

Small Turnout At PSRC Training Day September Reaps Rewards

Bridger Did Not Mind A Bit That There Was A Small Turnout!
 Our PSRC's last training day was a smash hit, back in August when the summer was full on, the sunshine plentiful and the ponds reflected the blue of the summer sky.  It was great fun, a great time to socialize and get a little training done, hang out and bar-b-que.  Even the first weekend of September held on to summer with the hottest weather of the year blessing the NAHRA hunt test.

But now, fall is in the air.  It has cooled WAY off and there is misty rain in the air.  Hunting season is upon us.  Where was everyone this weekend?  Western Washington Pheasant opens next week, and Duck season is still a few weeks off.  Grouse is open, but I am not sure too many members were hiking the woods with their dogs this weekend.  Probably a lot of chores left to do while the summer held are waiting to be done.

Showing Pup The Trail
Dragging Dead Duck To Scent Trail

Dennis Follows Pup On Trail

Pup Is Using His Nose To Trail Duck
Rewarding Pup For Finding Duck
Biggest Reward Of All--Carrying The Spoils

But there we were.  At the official PSRC training day.  All three of us.  I had brought 19 pigeons for sharing with club members along with my usual crew of dogs.  Tim had brought a couple of ducks, his 20 gauge over and under, and his Chesapeake Bay Retrievers.  And Dennis had brought his five month old chocolate Labrador Retriever.  Not enough of us to set up big training scenarios reminiscent of a trial or hunt test.

Hunt 'em up!

Bird Flushed, Tim Shot, Feathers Rain Down

Wounded, Bird Heads For The Woods
Bird Retrieved
So we went hunting.  Seriously.  We practiced trailing/tracking birds--even with young pups.  Tim dizzied pigeons and planted them in the field and we practiced having the dogs quarter and hunt 'em up.  Tim was a great shot.  Some of the birds were too dizzy to fly right away.  Some were not dizzy enough and flew away when the dogs got near.  Many of those Tim shot for the dogs.  A few got away, and those were great steadying practice.  It seemed like gluttony, but we used almost all the birds on our dogs!  It was great!

Boykin Spaniel Takes Off On Hunt

Boykin Checks The Wind

Boykin Quartering For Bird

Boykin Puts On The Brakes For The Bird

Boykin Retrieves Bird

The three of us all went home tired.  Our dogs had a great day.  Small turnout had great rewards.

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