Monday, November 14, 2011

Cold Weather Blues? Let's Get Out There!

Since there were only two people who showed up for class yesterday by 2:15, (class starts officially now on the winter schedule at 2:00,) we decided to warm up with a brisk walk on the waterfront.  We missed everyone!

Linda and the pups, with Vera and Beau up ahead
The wind was gusting pretty hard here and there and the clouds were spitting rain.  It was beautiful and exciting to be out at the edge of Commencement Bay watching the weather blow through.

What a gorgeous site!

Beau passes Cumin and Penny
The dogs really seemed to appreciate the break in what must be for a dog a very monotonous day staying indoors.

Cumin & Penny are all "Geared Up."
These formerly aggressive Spaniels were as good as gold.  Beau, a Portugese Water Dog--who also has had some aggressive behavior-- enjoyed the walk without a single aggressive posture or growl.

At The Old Fire Boat
Be sure to let Kate know whether you are planning to attend class.  That way if you are running late, we can let you know what the last minute plans are.

November Colors!

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