Friday, November 18, 2011

Eeeewww! Would Someone REALLY Do This?

Apparently so.  Just look at the picture.


Raccoons are one of my most unfavorite animals.   They don't just eat rotton trash and spoiled food.  They kill things.  Not from exposing other animals and humans to rabies, but by cornering my best laying hen or duck and ripping and biting their heads off.  Just for sport.

I have my alarm clock set for the approximate time the shit-covered vermin are due to arrive at my house. And the birds set up a racket when they sense the bastards coming, so I usually now make it out to the backyard in time to have frequent three am stand-offs with what amounts to the attitude of a teenager on steroids.  They are always outraged that I am there waving my pitchfork and shouting obscenities at them.  They give me that sullen rebellious stare as they hover on top of the fence, just out of my reach, lingering defiantly as long as they dare before retreating into the bowels of the night.

If I don't make it out in time, they always manage to kill my favorite bird.  It never fails.  I have tried trapping them with all the glorious rotton food shown here, and more, but they never fall for it.

I indulge in a great shout of triumph and celebration every time I see one or several dead on the road.  Maybe this young lady has given me a new strategy for attracting them for the purpose of relocating them some place more deserving of their destructive, filthy essence.  One more favorite bird gone, and I might just give this a try!

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