Thursday, November 17, 2011

He Ain't No Sho Dawg Jonz" SH March 1998 -- November 2011

Jonz had been ailing since last Christmas.  During training today, Fran got a call from Derek to come home right away.  Her is her email:

Jonz passed this afternoon while Scott and I were both holding him.  It was like he waited for Scott to get home.  How incredibly sad and perfect.  This pain of losing Jonz is 1000 times worth the joy of having and loving him for all these years.  I have so many great memories.  I'm trying to take my own advice and ONLY think of, and remember, all the wonderful times.  I don't want to think about him leaving.  He would have been 14 on March 1.

Jonz went on a hunting trip to Eastern Washington one last time last year

The pics of Jonz and Zoe are from when they were watching TV on our bed a year or more ago.  I love the one where Jonz is giving Zoe a kiss.  The camera caught his tongue just as he connected.  I love the look on Robert's face - "what does she see in him anyway."  But, Zoe always loved Jonz (and Sarge) the best.  I think it's because they are the ones that LOVED her hanging on them.  The rest of the dogs are a little less trusting of a little firecracker like Zoe.  The pic called "hunting" is from one of the last times we took him over last year.  We let him hunt a little.  In his hunting prime, Jonz and I had so much fun hunting pheasants.  We "communicated."

Jonz LOVED Zoe!


When I worked, I used to think of Jonz during the day - all the time.  I couldn't wait to get home to him.  :))  He was always by the door.  Mom said he always knew the time to go wait by the door - which isn't surprising for most dogs.  But, in recent years, Jonz amazed us when he would know that Scott was on his way home.  Whether Scott had been to the store, fishing, or whatever.  Jonz would get up and go look out the window.  Or, go to the back door and listen even though he was mostly deaf.  It was never the same time of day - but within a few minutes of when Jonz started looking for Scott, he would come home.  Scott told me Jonz did the same thing with me when I was gone.  If only Jonz could have been counted on to do that every time one of us was gone, we could have made some money on him.

Jonz could always find things.  He WAS amazing at that.  I know you heard the story when Mom dropped my popper gun on the way in from a gun station at Willis street.  We were with Ben Gatley.  After almost an hour of searching, Ben, Mom, and I were ready to give up.  Then, I got a bright idea.  I got Jonz and Cleo out of the truck and showed them Ben's popper gun.  I told them to "find it."  They put their noses to the ground and started quartering.  In less than 5 minutes, Jonz started to dig at a spot.  Sure enough, it was my gun!  I was so happy - I was waving my arms, laughing and telling them what amazing dogs they were.  They got so excited, they were leaping through the air and all over the place like we won the Open or something.

I love dogs.  Fran

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