Monday, November 7, 2011

Post Cards From Paradise: Wish You Were Here!

This is the second day sans Daylight Saving Time here in the Pacific Northwest.  The sun now sets around 4:30 pm.  It has been freezing overnight and there is ice remaining in the puddles for hours after sunrise.  We have rain and clouds mixed with occasional sunshine and the wind whips the changing weather through the area furiously.  It is great fun, if you like that sort of thing.

And it is beautiful here.  Just ask the dogs. 

We are going pheasant hunting today.  Me and the dogs.  

Rosie is coming up on her thirteenth birthday, this coming year.  Lordy how time flies.

Way in the back of  TA 22 near Olympia the elk and deer feast on apples

I have lived in other places called paradise.  Especially that one across the Pacific which includes palm trees, warm trade winds, white sandy beaches, azure seas and tropical fish.  I lost your love in that paradise once, many years ago.  It was your paradise--not mine.  And I had to leave you there ..., in your paradise. You have left us all now and gone on to the Great Paradise, over the rainbow bridge.  

This one is better for us--me and the dogs.  We are at home on the prairies and out in the woods.  So sorry that you missed all this beauty even when you lived here.  Each person's paradise is subjective I guess.  Miss you, and wish you were here.  

Rest In Peace Jim Radtke.  I will never forget you, but in the end, we both did what we had to do.  We took our chances, yes we did.

Jimmy in Honolulu, 1996.  44 years young.

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