Friday, November 23, 2012

Golden Retriever Jonah Earns Obedience And Rally Titles

Hi Kate,
Jonah got his CD title Nov. 17th. Jonah also got a Rally title with a perfect score and took 1st place in all 3 legs of his Novice title. He was rock solid on his sit and down stays. For his pictures, I told him to get on his "place" and he did this like a natural. Your training has been extremely helpful and we hope to see you again when you get your place. As you suggested, I am going to see Les Flores in Jan. to get some help with heeling.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Congrats to Diane & Jonah!  All your hard work is paying off.  And yes, for that extreme competition heeling you are desiring, there is no one better to coach you than Les Flores!

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