Monday, April 11, 2016

Most Important Class You WON"T Ever Take Your Puppy To

When it comes to raising puppies, we are getting it all WRONG.  Bass Ackwards. 

We understand that human babies go through specific stages.  We understand that a baby's brain is under construction and developing like crazy during infancy.  We understand that babies need to sleep in a crib, stay in a playpen and be restrained safely in a car seat. 

Yet we revolt at the idea that puppies need structure.  We revolt at the idea that they need to stay in a crate because it is not safe for them to wander unsupervised. We revolt at the idea of spending time and energy to help them develop great habits.  We expect little baby puppies to automatically understand how to live with us, without spending the time to develop their brains and teach them patiently. 

So we bring our adorable puppy home and set him free.  Free to wander around the house because keeping him in a crate is mean. We fail to understand that he needs to be taught a little each day--way before he is old enough to go to puppy obedience classes.  Little by little our pups become the center of chaos and destructive behavior. 

The NUMBER ONE reason dogs are surrendered to shelters is house training issues.  And if we can't even get that right--then issues of barking, biting, jumping up and "separation anxiety" will be there too. 

This is the link to a broadcast I did recently over the new Blab platform.  Here I have uploaded it to YouTube.  It is just short of an hour long and it is the distillation of all the advice I have given people over the last ten years of taking calls of frustration over dog behavior.  Anyone thinking of getting a puppy should listen to this.  Knowing what to do when raising your pup ensures the very best development of the pup's personality and of the family's relationship with him.



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