Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Shelter Dog Gets Ready For Hunting Season

Kristen, Craig and Mac at Pot Holes, near Moses Lake

Today we got this in the in box:


Thanks so much for your work with Mac, our German Shorthair Pointer. When we inquired about your training program, we really did not know what to expect. In looking at the various training options available in the Washington area, we were drawn to your program because it allowed us to interact with the trainer and our dog often; the other schools required us to send our puppy off to a farm and have no contact for months. Further more, we wanted a well-schooled hunting dog but also a pet that would be obedient and well-behaved at home. You sure had your work cut out for you! As a shelter dog, Mac had so much energy and stubbornness, we did not think he would ever truly listen to us. Well you had him shaped up in no time!

Not only has he learned to respond to our commands, but it is clear that he is an exceptional retriever. You did a great job harnessing his energy and using it to help him learn to retrieve and fetch on command.

But it's not only about training the dog, it's about training the owner. We are incredibly impressed by the knowledge we have gained from our reoccurring lessons with both you and Mac. Being involved in Mac's training was so vital; we needed to understand what he was learning so we could continue to implement his training ourselves when we had him for "weekend visits."

The investment in your program was worth every penny--walking Mac through Seattle is no longer a battle, he is a joy to have around even when there is a house full of company, and (for a good laugh) he even retrieves a beer on command. I am really looking forward to showing Mac off to my friends during hunting season.

Thank you for your dedication to our puppy!

Craig and Kristen

Thanks Craig and Kristen! It was a pleasure working with owners who are prepared and willing to do what is needed for the good of their dog. The fact that you were willing to spend so much time driving out and spending the time that was needed was absolutely heart warming. Working with positive minded, dedicated clients who become part of the training team sets a dog up for the best possible life. Mac is going to bring you years of pleasure and bragging rights. Happy hunting!

Fast Pup Retriever Clinic July 31 2010

Wholesale Sports Lacey will host Fast Pup Dog Training for a retriever clinic this Saturday, July 31st at noon. This will be one of the many fun activities available at the Second Annual Block Party hosted by a number of businesses, including Wholesale Sports, Home Depot, Costco and Panera Bread. The block party is a free community event with almost 40 local businesses and food vendors participating.