Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tacoma Dog Trainer Kate Johansson Helps Calm Distracted German Shepherd

After veterinary technician Kelly Buchanan saw the incredible changes in an aggressive dog (Buddy) she referred to us, she was ready to try our training on her own rescue dog, Villa, a two year old German Shepherd. Here is her testimonial.

Villa learned the place command.

Dear Kate:

I am writing this note to you to tell you how truely surprised and impressed i have been with your work with us and Villa and the progress we have made! After 10 years of working as a vet technician, I have seen many badly behaved dogs. Never did I think I would own one!

Into our life steps, Villa, a 2 1/2 year old german shepard that needed a home. When Villa came to us, she did not have any "household manners". She wouldn't sit, or come when called, she jumped and chased our cats, and knocked down kids. I wasn't sure how in the world we were going to make it work out! Villa wasn't able to go on a walk on the leash without her prong collar, and even then, she pulled and choked herself the entire way. I was terrified to walk her around other dogs, strangers, or small animals.

Although I was hesitant to use a different training method than I was used to, I decided to trust Fast Pup Dog Training as I had seen some impressive results with dogs I knew from my work. Even though I really didn't have the money, I decided to go to a meet and greet and watch the free demo and see what it was all about. Thank goodness that I did! Kate,you even suggested we bring Villa that day. We had our three kids tagging along, my husband , myself and this big dog! What a site we were to see being dragged through the parking lot by this dog who obviously was "in charge" as I yelled NO and HEEL to no avail. How embarrassed I felt as Villa barked at all the other dogs and strained at the end of her leash as though to attack them.

By the end of the demo, it was clear that the dog that was acting up was clearly OUR dog, Villa! So off she went with Kate to do some work and exercises. After about 5 minutes, I was invited to participate. How great it was to walk around that area with her, and have her finally paying attention to me! I was in charge! What a difference. I learned so much that first day and knew that I couldn't afford NOT to sign us up. It was that clear. Truely, once you get a glimpse of what you and your dog can do with the proper teaching, you will be astounded and hooked! Its a great feeling of accomplishment and the dogs feel so much more sane with clear limits and rules.
Now Villa is not the "stressor" that she once was for me. I know that I can walk her with or without the leash and trust her to stay with me, ignore distractions and obey me without question. Her home manners have improved also! Villa does not chase the cats anymore, and she stays out of areas of the house that I do not want her in. (no more baby gates for us) There is no counter surfing or begging at the kitchen table during dinner. Even my 11 year-old son, can ask Villa to sit and stay for her food dish. She will not budge until he releases her.

It is such pleasure to live with an animal. They are here for us unconditionally, for comfort and security and companionship. My relationship with Villa has changed dramatically after enrolling in Fast Pup Dog Training. We now can enjoy each other's personalities and play together without fear of all the bad behaviours. I can take Villa on walks/runs and be at ease. My children can take Villa to the school park and throw the ball for her and not fear she will run in the street or attack any animals they might meet. If I had one piece of advise for your future clients, "you owe it to your animal to at least come and see what the training is all about. And you owe it to yourself to give your dog the opportunity to have a better future. It really is worth it! Good luck!

Special thank you to Kate J
Kelly and Sean Buchanan
and kids
and Villa

Fast Pup Tacoma Changes Lives of Pit Bull & Disabled Owner

When Scott, who uses a wheelchair and has limited use of his hands. brought his dog Puka to us we loved her gentle, sweet temperament. But Puka was not obedient. If Scott dropped her leash by accident, she would slowly wander off--ignoring his calls to come back to him. Below is his testimonial about Fast Pup Dog Training.

My name is Scott and my dog is Puka--an American Staffordshire Terrier. When I got Puka she was a hundred miles per hour, back and forth, I couldn't control her. She was so strong, so fast, and just full of energy. I am in a wheelchair and this was becoming a problem. It was making it hard to take her anywhere. So we enrolled into a dog training class. It was six weeks of hard work working with a leash. After six weeks we made a little progress. Being in a wheelchair also made it hard to hold the leash control Puka and manuever my chair. There has to be a better way!!

I was online looking for Remote Training for Dogs. Up came a free seminar at The Sportsman Store in Federal Way. Puka and I are there! We got there and Kate saw me struggling with Puka. Kate took Puka and started working with her. That was all I needed to see. We signed up right there and started training the next week.

Puka and I got our Remote and Training collar and went to our first class. This might sound crazy but OUR LIFE CHANGED! Puka and I picked up on the training immediately. I couldn't wait to show everybody, how good, the wild and crazy Puka was obeying and listenig to me. It was 180 Degrees! She is by my side and does whatever she is told.
These days Puka goes everywhere with me. From to the park to the grocery store to the mall to the lake. It doesn't matter because she is so well behaved. There is nothing better then when your dog obey's and listens to you in any public situation. Everywhere, I mean eveywhere I go people tell me "I wish my dog would do that", "Wow ! your dog is so good", "My dog could never do that". That is what I thought until I started Fast Pup Dog Training!
I cannot thank Kate and Fast Pup Dog Training enough for really CHANGING MY LIFE and making my wish come true!!! MY DOG OBEY'S ME!

The Fast Pup Dog Training is the BEST PURCHASE I've made for my dog and myself ever! If you are tired of being embarassed because your dog pulls you down the street or you can't control your dog around other dogs and people in public. This training is the way to go. If I can train my dog being in a wheelchair, it can work for anybody and every dog!

Thanks Kate,
Scott Bottorff

Friday, August 21, 2009

Fast Pup Dog Training At 20th Annual Bremerton Blackberry Fest

Fast Pup Dog Training will have their dogs at the Bremerton Blackberry Festival on Labor Day Weekend, September 5th -- 7th. Fast Pup Dog Training specializes in off-leash control, aggression, and extreme behavior problems. Please visit our website or check out our Videos on our YouTube Channel:

A Gathering of Fast Pup Dogs

Come by and meet our dogs! They will be waiting with a wag of their tails. We all look forward to meeting everyone!

Fast Pup Dog Training at Tacoma Fall Home and Garden Show

October 15th --18th

Do you have problems with your dog at home? Fast Pup Dog Training, Tacoma, will have their wonderful, obedient, happy, tail-wagging dogs at the Tacoma Fall Home and Garden show. Come by the exhibit and pet our dogs. Talk to our trainers. Take some candy from our dogs as they carry baskets of gift candy through the show.

Our trainers have fast, easy solutions to your biggest dog training problems. Visit our website or to find out more. We look forward to meeting you!

Fast Pup Retriever Training at Cabelas Lacey Waterfowl Classic

September 19th & @20th

Tacoma retriever trainers, Fast Pup Dog Training, will be at the Waterfowl Classic at Cabelas in Lacey on September 19th and 20th. Kate Johansson will be conducting retriever training seminars throughout the weekend. Please bring your retriever for a free assessment.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tacoma's Fast Pup Dogs Earn AKC Hunting Retrieving Titles

Fast Pup Dog Training, Tacoma, clients earned their AKC Junior Hunt Titles last weekend. From left to right are Cindy Olson & Rainy, Dennis White & Colby and Kate Johansson & August. To earn an AKC Junior Hunter the dog must pass four marking tests on land and water. Great Job Everyone! Congratulations!

Where To Turn When Dog Is Aggressive

Cindy, John and Cole with Buddy

(See Testimonial Below)

Fast Pup Dog Training, Tacoma recently was called for help with an aggressive Lab/Shepherd mix. "Buddy" had been taken in as a rescue and although he was very loving and affectionate around the house, he had been becoming more and more territorial about people visiting his home. Additionally, he had been developing aggressive behavior when one of his owners, Cindy would try to walk him on a leash.

At Fast Pup Dog Training, we get calls frequently for help with aggressive behavior. We believe that most of these dogs can be trained and rehabilitated. We teach the owners how to interrupt and redirect behaviors so that the dog will lose bad habits and replace them with better ones.

Testimonial from John & Cindy:

"We just want to give a big thanks to Kate at Fast Pup dog training. Our family has a Lab/German Shepherd mix that was having aggression problems when other people would approach us or our home. Our vet recommended a couple of different trainers for our problem. The first guy was all about the money and how there was no guarantee that he could correct the issues. We contacted Fast Pup and spoke to Kate. At our first meeting she explained how her training worked and showed us her dogs in action. At first we thought “yeah, right” but when we saw her 6month old lab respond and obey her commands, we knew she was doing something right. When we discussed the price, at first we were “WOW”, but then came to realize it was an investment we were willing to make. We never thought that our dog would listen to our commands and walk off leash, but we were wrong. I’m happy to say Kate was correct, that it only took a couple of sessions before we saw results! Our dog now sits in the front yard with all of the neighborhood distractions and lets people come over and say hi. We can honestly say this was a terrific investment, and we are so happy with the results."

Thanks again,
John & Cindy--Puyallup, WA

Friday, August 14, 2009

Fast Pup Dog Training Saves Aggressive Shepherd Mix

I first learned about Kate and Fastpup Dog training when I noticed an exceptionally well behaved Border Collie at the dog park. This dog was doing exactly everything it was told and was not distracted by anything. I was so impressed I commented to the owner. He then told me about Kate and her training technique. I did some research on the Internet and contacted Kate to set up a demo. My husband and I were at the end of our leash with our 1 year old 65Lbs mutt, Snoop. We adopted him from the Humane Society at 3 months and up until about 5 months everything seemed ok. Then we started to notice his aggression. I started to bring him to the office, but too many people complained that he was loud and out of control. Several guests indicated they were scared of Snoop and he was politely asked to leave until he had better manners. We knew we needed some help, but we weren’t sure where to go. By 8 months Snoop had completed your standard $130 basic and advanced obedience, but his aggression was only getting worse. We had the trainer from the obedience school come over, but that didn’t help. It was pretty much a waste of $120. I was excited to see Kate’s demo, but a little scared of the cost. When we first arrived at the demo, Snoop didn’t waste a second. He started barking, growling, lunging and even tried to bite Kate. Needless to say, no one wanted to come near him. Within a few minutes I was in tears. I was embarrassed that I had no control over my dog, I was sad that he tried to bite someone and I just felt so defeated. I did my best to keep Snoop under control and watch the demo which was very impressive. All the dogs did as they were told even with Snoop as a major distraction. Even though the demo was great, I wasn’t convinced that Kate would be able to help MY dog. I had no proof that any of these had been aggressive in the past. So, Kate said if I put the collar on Snoop, she would do a demo with him and me. Within less than 10 minutes, we were sitting back down and Kate was petting Snoop…the same dog that tried to bite her 20 minutes earlier! We were sold! Snoop has now been in training for about 4 months and we have a completely new dog. We can have Snoop off leash and we are confident that we have complete control over him. We can have guests come to the house and we are completely confident that Snoop will stay on his bed and let our guests come into the house without being barked and growled at in the face. We still have work to do, but we’ve seen a HUGE improvement and it’s been worth every penny. In fact we were so happy we just signed our 3 year 65 Lbs old husky mix, Shorty, up for training as well. Shorty is not aggressive, but has her own issues. Shorty has NEVER come when called and is a terrible leash walker. She pulls on the leash so hard that I had to have acupuncture for my shoulder and she gets very excited to see other dogs and tries to run over to them all. She has been in training with Kate for 4 days and already we’ve seen a huge improvement. We have a dog who comes when called and behaves nicely on a leash. We look forward to being able to have both Snoop and Shorty off leash and responsive very soon. Fastpup Dog Training is the way to go!

Robyn (Kent) Eddison

HP Sales Specialist PSG| Softchoice

Client Computing Solutions Group

Direct: 206.709.9015

Toll free: 888.607.7638 ext. 4265

For immediate product assistance, please visit the HP HUB - http://portal/sites/hp/default.aspx

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fast Pup Dog Training Helps Douge de Bordeaux

We were referred to Kate by a close friend of our breeder. Keona, our Douge de Bordeaux, was beyond my control any more at 1 yr of age. He was a beautiful, headstrong in your face 145 # puppy. We had been through 2 different companies in town that were positive, reward-type training--but our puppy was not ever treat motivated.

We had come to our breaking point when Keona was big enough to jump at me, especially from behind, and attempt to knock me off my feet. This, of course, was unacceptable--as was the extreme pulling when trying to walk on a leash (and just forget about coming when being called.) We finally contacted Kate late January '09, and we have been so glad we did. With Fast Pup Dog Training & Kate's help our now 150+ puppy comes when called, walks nicely on leash and off, and has not jumped up on anyone since starting training in February '09!

Keona is now becoming a great Douge and we are so glad we made the investment into the Fast Pup Dog Training. Comparing the cost of the most recent class we went to prior to Kate, we have more then gotten our monies worth. For anyone who is trying to justify cost--Kate is so much more then we can describe (as words are sometimes not enough.)

Kate, we can not thank you enough as you truly saved Keona from going back to the breeder. He really is turning into one of the best dogs we've had...

Eryn & Kurt Mueller Keona and the girls...

Fast Pup Dog Training Attracts Out Of Towners

Because our training methods are so effective, fast and gentle--and because our techniques are so different from other trainers, Fast Pup Dog Training has many clients from out of town. We have clients from Alaska, Medford, Port Townsend, Soap Lake and Portland. Pictured here are Chris & Lauren (Left) with their two English Setters "Kenai" and "Rangeley" from Bonneville on the Columbia River. Robyn & John with their dog "Snoop" are currently residing in Seattle, but will be returning home to Toronto sometime this year.

Fast Pup Dogs Score At Rainier Hunt Test

Rainy Day Keepsake, (Rainy) owed by Jim and Cindy Olson, Weedhaven's Colby Jack, (Colby) owned by Dennis and Clara White, along with August of Horn Creek, (August) owned by Kate Johansson all passed their third leg of Junior Hunter last weekend at the Rainier Hunting Retriever Club's Fall Hunt Test at Bob Pepper's Farm. Moody's Red Beans and Rice, (Beans) owned by Kate Johansson passed her first Junior Hunter test at 7 months of age. Mahogany Run's Rascal's Rosie SH, (Rosie) owned by Kate Johansson passed her second Master Hunter Test.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tacoma Dog Trainer in Kent Cornucopia Days Parade

Kent Cornucopia Days
The Fast Pup Dogs on the way to the Kent Cornucopia Days Parade in July.

Tacoma's Fast Pup Dog Training 3 Passes Year Mark

Kate and Grip the Pit BullKate is shown here in 2007 working with "Grip," a six year old Pit Bull. Grip had become more and more territorial in his front yard. When the neighborhood kids came home from school in the afternoon, he would frantically run back and forth along the chain link fence in the front yard, barking, growling and biting at the fence. He also was big on fence fighting with other dogs. At Fast Pup Dog Training, we specialize in tough cases. If you have a dog that needs help--even if you have taken him to other trainers, you owe it to yourself and your dog to call us for a no cost, no obligation evaluation.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fast Pup Dog Training Takes Pup to Mark Fall Hunt Test

Ms. Beans (7 month old Labrador Retriever Pup) ran her second Junior Hunt Test at the Rainier Hunting Retriever Club this weekend! It was only for training--just to get her started getting used to handling excitement around a crowd, gunshots for other dogs, having to wait in holding blinds for her turn to go, and so forth. But she surprised us!. She did a fabulous job on marking in the land series. She dug out the ducks just as pretty as you please and brought them back like a pro.

The water series (on Jig's Pond at Bob Pepper's farm,) was a little more tricky. The first mark landed behind a huge floating log. Most of the dogs swam around it and that caused them a big hunt. Beans had a big hunt too. She stayed out looking everywhere for a long time but then came all the way back to her handler without the bird. (YIKES!) When she was encouraged to go back out and look for the bird she jumped in the water and snapped off a lilly pad with her teeth and tossed it back to Kate. What a little clown! Then, with a little more encouragement she took off back to the fall. This time she climbed over the log and was right on line with the duck. She grabbed it proudly and brought it back all full of herself. Then, she got to go out and get the second water mark--which she nailed. She came up the hill from the pond and kept turning back--looking longingly at the water. That was WAY fun!

Sorry Ms. Beans! That's all you get for today. We will be training Friday and we will have another hunt test this coming weekend. This one will be the Evergreen Golden Retriever Club's Fall Hunt Test at Bob Peppers Farm.

If you need help with your retriever or any other dog, please visit our website: or Call Us! (253)569-0411