Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Boykin Spaniels Begin "Fetch" Training

Formal fetch training begins with the "hold" command.  We start on tailgate of my truck.

Then we progress to "walking hold" with dog on a leash.

Hunting Season Is Almost Here

Not quite Autumn, but pretty close!

I was thrilled to hear that Area 13 at Fort Lewis was open today for recreation, including dog training!

The grass is still very sparse and short here.  Great for training drills.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Cascade Sled Dog Club Pull Clinic September 17th 2011 Estacada Oregon

Kim Tinker Skijoring With Her Alaskan Huskies

At the Cascade Sled Dog Club’s Pull Training Clinic you will spend a fun and informative day learning the basic skills needed to prepare you and your dog for dog-powered sports.  When you arrive at the clinic we will fit your dog with a harness and other training gear.  Experienced mushers will teach a series of skills to help your dog learn how to pull consistently and on command through positive reinforcement.  During the lunch break, mushers will present mini-lectures on training and health tips for dogs working in harness.  The clinic concludes with participants and their dogs trying out the sport of dog scootering!  

Please fill out and mail the below portion of the form along with your entry fee.  Enrollment is for one dog and one person.  We look forward to seeing you and your dog!

Directions to Metzler Park
Metzler Park is located approximately 5 miles south of Estacada. Take Interstate 205 to Exit 12,
Clackamas/Estacada, and turn eastbound onto Hwy. 212/224. Proceed 3.2 miles through Clackamas to the Hwy. 212/224 junction (Rock Creek junction), turn right onto Hwy. 224, proceed 15.1 miles following the signs to Estacada. Pass through Estacada, just on the outskirts of Estacada, turn rightonto Hwy. 211, crossing a bridge. Go 4.0 miles to Tucker Rd.; turn right. Proceed .5 miles and make a sharp left turn onto Metzler Park Rd. The park entrance is 1.6 miles down the road. For more information on the park, check out the website:  http://www.co.clackamas.or.us/parks/metzler.htm. Remember to dress for fall weather in the PNW. 

Any questions, don’t hesitate to call:
Kim (503) 668-6739 or Sharon (503) 528-9742

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Training Long Water Blinds

After you have laid your training foundation (pile work, stopping on whistles, directional casting, wagon wheels and pattern blinds) it is time to stretch your retriever out on water.  To develop confidence in your dog, you should be willing to hike, wade or swim a long way in order to show your dog where you want him to go.

In this example, wading through shallow water was necessary in order to get out to where we wanted the blind.  The first time we ran these blinds, all the dogs were sitting at the line, watching one of us plant the blind.  A pole with orange or pink surveyor tape helps us remember exactly where the birds are planted--and the ribbons fluttering in the breeze gives the dog a hint at where we want him to go.  This footage was shot several days after the first time Jag was shown the blind.  He did not see the blind planted this time, but he did remember where it was.  This gives him the confidence he will need to run cold (unknown) blinds later.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Great Training Day At Puget Sound Retriever Club

Thanks to everyone who came out, helped out, and ran their dogs at Puget Sound's August, 2011 training day!  What a fun, relaxing day with the dogs.  We were lucky enough to have live flyers (pigeons--and fantastic marksmen to shoot them) in the morning for the land triple set up.  Then we had a single mark with the dogs entering the water out of a boat plus a blind under the arc of the single mark for the afternoon set up.  The marks were challenging for seasoned dogs, but easily simplified for the pups and junior dogs.  As an added scrumptious bonus, a yummy bar-b-que!

Sending dog from a boat
Dog heads towards mark

Headed for the retrieve

Sierra at gun station across pond

Snap On Tools Barbeque being readied to flame broil

The Snap On Barbeque is a true collectors item!


All the fixins for a great lunch!

Sierra introduces the pups to a boat

A bevy of beauties!

Friday, August 12, 2011

PSRC Retriever Club Group Training BBQ Saturday, 8-13-2011

Puget Sound Retriever Club will be hosting a club training day open to visitors at no charge, along with a bar-b-que on Saturday.  Any experience level handler and any age dog is welcome, from young pups to senior dogs.  Click here for website and directions. 

Bringing home the poultry!
Retriever returning from a long water blind
Remote controlled equipment such as this winger can aid in efficiency

As a courtesy, we leave other trainer's bumpers where they can find them after our dogs hunt 'em up
Pups are always welcome!
Boykin Spaniels are great retrievers too!
Large pond at training grounds.  Approximately 12 acres
Lining a dog for a mark
Hunting season is getting very close!  Get your dog used to birds, retrieving and gunfire.  Come on out and join us.  Training starts at 10:00 am.