Monday, July 30, 2012

Diane's Dog Mobile Extraordinaire

Diane has one of those yummy, 6.3 headroom, Nissan NVs.  If you click the link, you can see what her van looked like at purchase.  Now, her dream dog mobile is decked out to provide maximum comfort for her dogs and her human passengers.  I asked her how she managed to build it out like this and she told me that her husband is a genius.  (Sigh.  Some gals have all the luck!)

Check out the venting and the insulation and the fans and the thermometer.  Note the fold-up grooming table.  And the cool mats, the window shades and the shade cloth.  And the versatile Rough Tough Kennels!

Oh, the space.  And the peacefulness of having it organized!

A place for everything....

Dogs ride on cool mats from Walgreens.  Diane says her dogs don't chew them.  (Some of mine would)

Extra shading

Storage over driver and passenger area, courtesy of Nissan

Fold up grooming table fits right over the kennels

Rough Tough Kennels hook together and are very versatile

Ceiling vent with fan

Thermometer measures temp and humidity.  This day it was 63' with 83% humidity

All leashes in one place

All the hooks and such in one place

Storage shelf built out over wheel well

Kennel Fan

Emergency Kits:  Dog & Human

Always ready to provide more shade.
Dry Erase adhesive paper for posting messages,  Available at office supply stores.
The thermometer is something that Diane checks on obsessively.  She is passionate about the safety and comfort of her dogs.  She says that with the house insulation she and hubby installed to the interior walls and ceiling of the van, along with the fans, venting and shading, the interior easily stays 20 degrees lower than the outside temperature on a hot day. 

Puget Sound Retriever Club's July 2012 NAHRA Hunt Test

This weekend,  July 28th & 29th, was the PSRC's North American Hunting Retriever Association (NAHRA) hunt test.  These tests are slightly different from the AKC retriever hunt tests in that they incorporate upland tests along with water work.  On the upper level tests, intermediate and senior categories, there are land marks and blinds as well as a quartering/sit-to-flush and a trailing test.  On the water, dogs must run marks and blind retrieves.  Dogs should exhibit excellent marking ability as well as the willingness to work as a team with their handlers on blind retrieves and upland hunts.

Puget Sound Retriever Club training grounds are located in Mason County, west of Bremerton, near Dewatto Bay

Great Judges!  Thanks For All Your Hard Work!

Husband & Wife Team, Brandon & Tyann are AWESOME helpers at club events!
Harry works the upland senior test.

Fran works upland

Rick is another volunteer at PSRC events.  He is a STAR!  Thanks Rick!
Jim works upland.

Sierra Takes A Break With Debbie Duck.  Thanks For Your Hard Work Sierra!






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