Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I would like to thank Kate so much for what she has done for my dog and I (the rest of my family thanks you too). My 16 month old GSD, Luka, has been aggressive with both other dogs and people since he was very little. I have worked with 2 other trainers before Kate, in which the first trainer told me that I would need to put him down, when at the time, he was only 4 months old. Our second trainer used prong collars, where he showed little improvement, but he seemed to become more aggressive as he got older. It got to the point that I was having trouble controlling him when he would lunge at people even with it on. It was so embarrassing to take him anywhere, even on a walk in our rural neighborhood. Whenever people would walk by, with or without another dog, they would get mad and yell at me, because he would start lunging at them. It got so bad, that the rest of my family was too embarrassed to take him on walks. He has always been quick to learn obedience, but he would "argue" back when you told him to do anything outside of training lessons. Getting him to listen to me was a very trying process.
My mom came home one day, and handed me one of Kate's pamphlets, and told me to give her a call. Calling Kate was the best decision I could have ever made for my dog. By our second session, Luka went for an off-leash walk with Kate and her dog's. I was so impressed with how he behaved that day. Oh, and did I mention that it was OFF-LEASH and with OTHER DOGS? His behavior at home has improved a lot too. He listens to everyone in the house now, we can trust him to be outside with us without a leash on, because he comes when called and wants to stay close to us. Taking him on walks is a lot easier now for the whole family. The improvement we have seen in Luka has made my family strong believers in Kate's training methods. He is a much calmer dog now. I look forward to going to lessons, and so does Luka. When he sees that I am getting his e-collar out to put on him, he gets so excited.
I plan to take full advantage of Kate's "Lifetime" program, because of the improvement I have seen in only a few sessions. I am so grateful to have found out about Kate and the Sit Means Sit program, that I have told as many people that I know about the program. To have a dog who wants to listen and please you, and who can be civil when around others, makes every bit of the training worth it.
Thanks again Kate!
-Sarah Jacobs

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