Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Congratulations to Fran And Disco

Hi Kate:

Just want to let you know how Disco did at the WRC picnic trial on Saturday.  Although she was noisy at the line for the first series, she wasn’t as bad as in the past.  As you know, Disco is not noisy when running blinds, but marks are always a challenge for her self-control.  But, in the last series, a triple with a retired gun, Disco was quiet as a church mouse!  I want to give the credit to your idea when we were training last week.   It was such a nice way to get her to understand what we want.  (no noise) 

Disco was also one of only a few dogs that took the cover all the way to the retired gun at the last series.  So, this is not only a big “thanks for your help,” but also a brag.   Scott’s “little elfin dog” did well!  

I’ve included a picture of me and Disco with her Qual reserve jam (a.k.a. 5th place).   See you at the Sportsman’s Show.


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