Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Great Big, Out-Of-Control Malamutes Learn To Focus

After one training session and one class, the Malamutes learned to "place" and "stay."
When Erin & Chuck first brought their Malamutes to one of our dog training seminars, they were out of control, lunging and barking at other dogs.  They were very distracted, and at 110 pounds and 140 pounds were a danger to themselves and their owners.  Erin and Chuck had been using the snout loop head harnesses to control them, but the dogs fought the harnesses and had injured themselves straining against them.  After just one session, we transferred responsibility for paying attention to their handlers to the dogs, asked them to step up and learn to follow their handlers, and work with us instead of against us.  The difference from one week to the next was striking.  Everyone is much more relaxed now and feeling much more secure with each other. 

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