Monday, December 7, 2009

All I Want For Christmas In Tacoma Is A Well Trained Dog

Santa (Or Kate Johansson) Can Deliver a Well Trained Dog!

Fast Pup Reindeer & Sleigh
Fast Pup Dog Training's Version of Reindeer!

Below is a picture of Jody Vosburg's Jack Russell Terrier, Roxy.

Here is a letter from Jody:

I had not planned on getting a dog yet, when Roxy my Jack Russell Terrier came in to my life in May 2008. I had a new home and property that was not fenced. A friend knew I needed a companion and that I wanted a Jack Russell someday and she could not keep Roxy. When I saw Roxy she was exactly what I had pictured so I brought her home. I and my mother were afraid to let her loose knowing she had not had any training and how Jack Russell's are not known for coming when called and are great at running off exploring.

It all started when I went to the Harbor Hounds Walk in September 2008 with a friend and her dog. First thing when we parked--Roxy got excited with all the surrounding distractions and bolted out for the car and away from my friends daughter who wanted to walk her. Thank God no cars were coming and she just ran to the first dog and it was nice to her and we got her caught. The rest of the day went great but I really didn't like not having control without a leash.

Kate had a booth and demonstration at the walk. There were several dogs doing what they were told and not running off in the demonstration and I was impressed. I also got to take Roxy through an agility course they had set up and she really liked it. I took a brochure and went home to talk it over with my mom.

We decided to go for a demonstration at one of her classes that happened to be in Kent. Again there was several dogs of different breeds, ages and their owners all working with their dogs with out a leash together . They were all sitting and staying while one walked around the one's staying. I thought Roxy would never be able to do that! She couldn't even sit still to watch on a leash! After the class, Kate did a personal demonstration and worked with Roxy for a few minutes then she told us about the program and the cost with the equipment. I was a little set back initially at the cost and we decided to go home and talk about it. Before we got home to Port Orchard we had decided it was worth it for Roxy's safety and our piece of mind. Also the lifetime classes and walks. The next day I faxed in my sign up form and I am so happy.

I can go anywhere with out a leash. As a matter of fact Roxy did sit and stay at her 1st class! I was amazed--and I know my mother would not have believed it if she had not been there to see it! I am glad I invested in this program. Roxy goes everywhere possible with me and I do not have to use a leash or worry she will run away and get hurt or lost. She is also great in the house and does not jump on people when they visit which is an added bonus.

Jody and Roxy
Port Orchard WA

Roxie for Christmas
Roxy is a Jack Russell Terrier Owned By Jody Vosburg

At Fast Pup Dog Training we work with dogs of all sizes and temperaments. We believe all dogs deserve to live a rich, full life with the freedom that comes from excellent training. When your dog is trustworthy--even off leash around severe distractions, owners experience such peace of mind. Breath a sigh of relief with a well trained dog

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