Monday, December 7, 2009

Fast Pup Clients' Well Behaved Dog Travels Cross Country

Greetings From Kenny, Katie & Sandy Bayness
Recently Fast Pup Dog Training Clients Katie & Kenny relocated to Ohio with their young Labradoodle, Sandy. We miss you guys! Merry Christmas & good luck in your new home!
Sandy Bayness
Hi Kate!! Sorry that its been a while since we've written. We just wanted to give you an update about how things are going and how Sandy is doing. We made it cross country, and had a blast on our trip. I attached a few photos from the trip as well as a few once we got to my mom and dad's house in Ohio.
Sandy Yellowstone SignSandy did marvelous on the trip, she was very well behaved and I think she enjoyed going to the different places and making new dog friends along the way :)
Sandy Family YellowstoneSandy is enjoying living in the country for the time being and she likes being able to go outside and just run. She is behaving great and still is able to do everything we ask of her.
Sandy & AngelMy mom works at a school for disabled children and one of the teachers has actually asked if we would like to bring Sandy in to visit the class. It's amazing how calm and easy going she becomes around disabled people or older people.
Kenny and I have jobs so we are looking for houses currently, we called about a house yesterday that actually has a pretty big yard that would be great for Sandy to have some room to play at home. We will keep you updated with new photos and let you know how everything is going. I hope class is going great. Are you still having the offleash walks? Tell everybody we said hi!
Thanks for everything,
Katie (and Kenny & Sandy too!)

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