Sunday, September 12, 2010

Grouse Hunting In Washington State

Our friends, Scott & Fran are really into hunting grouse. Their dogs are pretty "into it" too. Sarge (formerly known as Mojo when he lived with Kate,) is only 9 months old. The right puppy with the right upbringing and training makes all the difference. Fran sent the following comments in an email:

The pics of Scott and the "A-team grouse hunters" are an example of what it looks like when hunting ruffed grouse early season in the northwest woods. The cover is heavy and when the birds get pushed, they flush fast and are gone. If the dogs don't stay close and hunt the edges of the cover, a person will never get a shot off. The best dog work (in our opinion) for this type of hunting is what shows in these pics. Disco and Sarge are quartering in front of us. They are hunting close and both are very thorough. We are not having to whistle them in constantly to stay close. They are doing it because they are good dogs. And, consequently, we are pretty quiet hunters. I think that's why we're finding so many birds this year. Not that we're getting too many shots. But, that will come. We're into birds every time we go. Disco and Sarge are non-stop hunting machines! Our hunts have been about 2 - 2 1/2 hrs. We take a few short breaks, but mostly, we're hunting. Every time we've been up there, the dogs have found grouse. Very exciting. But, the birds have flushed where Scott or I couldn't get a shot. Only Sarge's first hunt, so far, produced any meat for the pot. :)) But, we're going again next Tuesday. Sarge is an "old pro" now. When he's hunting, his new name is, "Sargent Brown of the Hunting Platoon." But, when we take a break, he turns back into "Sargento Love."


Thomas Venney said...


Thomas Venney said...

Many people think of upland game birds and think only of pheasant and quail. Although those are two of the popular birds among those with bird dogs, prairie chickens, chukka partridge, grouse and turkey all offer challenges.

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