Friday, September 3, 2010

Nine Month Old Labrador Retriever's First Grouse Hunt

Hi Kate,

Thought you might like to hear about “your” puppy, Sarge (previously known as “Mojo”).

At not even 9 months old, this was Sarge’s first hunt. According to Scott, it took Sarge about 20 minutes before he really got the hang of quartering and staying in the cover along the sides of the logging trail. Then, he got a little more intense, did a couple zig-zags, jumped under a low evergreen branch and flushed a grouse! Scott said Sarge chased it for a couple seconds and when the bird got out ahead, he shot and knocked it down. Sarge had never been “shot over” before. He slowed and then stopped. He looked back and forth between Scott and where the bird had gone. (He must have thought he was supposed to stop – what a good boy.) Scott sent Sarge for the retrieve and off he went. The bird had fallen in the cover and Sarge found it quickly. He came to heel, sat, and delivered to hand. Scott said it was textbook perfect!

Although they didn’t bag another grouse after that first one, Sarge hunted like he knew what he was doing. He found and flushed two more singles.

Scott was so impressed with Sarge’s natural hunting instinct and how well he behaved, on their way home, he stopped at McDonalds and bought him a cheeseburger (minus the bun).

Scott and I are taking Disco and Sarge tomorrow morning. Wish us luck.

For a look at Sarge as a three month old puppy (Then known as Mojo) check out this video

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