Friday, October 29, 2010

Excerpt From Fran's Hunting Diary

Our friends, Fran and Scott are passionate about upland hunting.  Here is an excerpt from Fran's diary this week with a couple of pictures.

Wed – Oct 27, 2010

We hunted the draw behind Sarge in the picture.  Scott and Disco on one side of the thick stuff, me and Sarge on the other.  When we were about halfway down, Disco pushed up a rooster right in front of Scott - about 10 ft.  It took off to the left, I watched it come up and Scott miss completely with his first shot and his second shot just dusted the top of the rooster as it left the county.  Didn't appear to be hurt in the slightest.    Scott had brought my brother’s side-by-side gun we just bought - in case we decided to shoot some clays – but he forgot his own.  Normally, an excellent shot, he totally missed an easy shot.

After hunting the bottom of that draw, Sarge and I moved to the top edge near the road and hunted back to the truck.  Scott and Disco went off to the top of the hill to the left.  Disco pushed up two roosters that were holding on the edge of really thick cover – the kind you can’t walk in.  Scott missed his first shot and "caplooyied" the rooster on his second (he figured out the gun).  Scott said Disco sat on the whistle and waited for him to send her for the rooster. (good girl) He said it fell in the heavy cover and was extremely happy to see her come out with the rooster.  Disco was really happy with herself, too. 

Sarge hunted really nice.  Easy to control, stayed within gun range, and most importantly, will get into the nasty stuff.  See the green (orchard) in the distance over Sarge's shoulder on the right side of the picture?  At that very corner, Sarge wanted to go up to the point.  He kept trying, but I was meeting Scott to the left, so instead of following him (his nose) just a few more yards, I headed the other direction.  Scott and I were talking at the end of the draw and a rooster flushes from the corner - right where Sarge wanted to go.  He deserves to get his own rooster.  He was so excited with Disco's bird when they got back to the truck.  :))

Ruby found two hens.  Both were well within gun range when I flushed them.  She was a good girl :))

Robert hunted super nice, too.  We just didn't get into any birds.

We saw a few wild flushes and a couple mallards.  A fun day hunting.

Fran :))

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