Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Visiting Tacoma Area With Dogs Mount Rainier

Fast Pup Dogs on a prairie with Mount Rainier in background

Mount Rainier dominates the landscape around the South Puget Sound.  There are many photo opportunities with dogs and the great mountain.  Here the dogs pose before playing on a prairie in Area 13 at Fort Lewis.

Another view of Fast Pup dogs with "The Mountain" in background

While dogs are not allowed on any trails within the actual Mount Rainier National Park, there are beautiful, scenic hiking trails and lakes in the mountains near the park.  This photo was shot in Area 14 at Fort Lewis.  (Approximately 65 miles from Mount Rainier National Park.) Fort Lewis, or as it is now called, Joint Base Lewis McChord has thousands of acres that are open to the public with a special permit.  If you are staying in Tacoma with your dog for more than a few days, it is worth getting a permit and taking advantage of the beauty of the wide open spaces.

Fast Pup Dog Training of Tacoma is on a photo safari getting ready to build a new website for traveling dogs.

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