Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fast Pup Retriever Training: Teaching The Blind Retrieve

Take your dog out in field with you to plant blind. Have them sit and watch you plant a pile of bumpers

Photos by Danny Phillips

For a green dog, stop and face pile a short distance back. Repeat the send from a short distance at first, then move back toward line and send again

Line the dog up, making sure he indicates with his body language that he wants to go in the direction that the blind is located. When you look at your dog, he should be facing the direction you want him to go.

Handler should have a definite cadence and timing for the send. "Dead Bird!" That's It!" "Back!" Same rhythm as "On your mark, Get set, Go!"

All training should be "training for success"

Dog should carry the bumper or bird all the way straight back to handler at line

And deliver to hand.

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