Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tacoma's Fast Pup Discusses Sled Dogs Iditerod

Kate Johansson from Fast Pup Dog Training, Tacoma will host Dog Talk Radio on KLAY 11.80 am on March 10th discussing the Iditerod Sled Dog Race that is taking place from March 6th through March 17th in Alaska.

We will be interviewing Kim Tinker, from Cascade Sled Dog Club in Oregon about all the fun and inexpensive activities you can do with your dog such as Dog Sledding, Dog Scootering and Skijoring. Kim will be explaining how to train your dog to pull in a harness, what an Alaskan Husky really is, and how you control a whole team of dogs.

The show airs Wednesday, March 10th from 12:00 -- 1:00 pm and on Saturday, March 13th from 1:00 -- 2:00 pm.

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