Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tacoma's Fast Pup Retriever Training

Erin lines Presleigh up for a blind retrieve past a gun station

Photos by Danny Phillips. Shown here are Erin and Presleigh.

Don't want to send your dog off somewhere far away for two or three months for retriever training? Well, at Fast Pup Retriever Training, we work with owners and teach them how to do the retriever training exercises themselves.

A well directed dog will run toward the blind confidently

All higher levels of retriever training start with a "trained retrieve" program also known as "force fetch." Force fetch starts with "hold" training and continues through the "fetch" training. Training should continue through "walking fetch," "fetch to a pile," "T-patterns," "swim-by," and "cheating singles." A well balanced program will fold in lots of fun "marks," "wagon wheels," and "baseball." During the program, your dog should be introduced to birds. Pigeons, pheasant, duck at a minimum.

Presleigh has picked up the blind at tree line and returns past gun station where she had mark earlier

Fast Pup Retriever Training out of Tacoma, Washington provides several different programs to help amateur trainers learn how to do their own training. One program is a 10 week board and train where we keep the dog and finish the whole force-fetch program.

Presleigh enthusiastically returns with her "bird"

Another program we provide is a short program where the dog stays with us for two to three weeks and we teach the dog the "hold," and the "fetch" on command. Then we instruct the owner on how to complete it.

Presleigh delivers her bird and sits waiting for Erin to take it out of her mouth

With both programs, we highly encourage the owner to come out any time to watch what we are doing with the dog. We want the owner to learn how the training is done. We also encourage owners to join us for retriever training when we are doing marks and blinds. We will have a new handler run a seasoned dog to facilitate learning the timing and cadence of handling a dog. (There is more to it than most people think!)

Many families struggle with the idea of sending their beloved family member off to live in a kennel far away while they receive their basic training. If you want to keep your dog closer and be more involved, consider Fast Pup Retriever Training as an option.

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