Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Portland Avenue Vet Gives Testimony For Fast Pup Dog Training

Fast Pup Dog Training loves hearing from clients. Here is a follow up from Kelly Buchanan at Portland Avenue Veterinary Hospital.

Hi Kate!
Just checking in with an update about Villa and how we are all doing! Even tho 2009 was a challenging and busy year for us, we continued training Villa at home and in our neighborhood with outstanding results!
2010 has flown by fast and I am still as happy and satisfied with Villa's training as ever. With a new year, I have been running a lot and taking Villa with me exercising. This is a prime opportunity for us to encounter distractions. There are lots of dogs barking/protecting their yards as we jog by, cats running everywhere, young children screaming, and cyclists zooming by on the streets. Villa now handles these distractions so gracefully and I can focus my attentions on putting one foot in front of the other. I have lost over 60 lbs since last October, and wouldn't have been able to do it without this wonderful companion to accompany me on every hike, jog, and walk. Villa couldn't even walk properly on a leash (in a prong collar!) when we first adopted her. Thank you Kate for all of your help.
Villa also accompanies me to my job at least once a month. As many of us know, walking into a Vet Clinic with our dog can be challenging in the very best of circumstances (focus!, no peeing on the posts, keep moving, no sniffing there, don't eat that off the ground etc). While at my job, Villa will commonly encounter small, barking, protective dogs that are off leash or poorly restrained, Rudy the office cat, whom wanders where he wants, and new people who want to pet her. From the xray processor maintenance man, to client's children, to family of assistants, Villa meets them all with good manners and makes me proud each and every time.
I often recommend your Training Services to clients as they share with me their concerns about their dogs behaviours. After seeing the direct remarkable difference in Villa, my co-workers recomment you as well. We can't keep your fliers stocked at our office. Even, Dr Wright (who has treated many German Shepards over his 52 year career as a DVM), is enchanted by the obedient and loving nature Villa has. There's not many German Shepards that come into our Vet Clinic and don't need to be muzzled to be examined, not to mention ignore the office cat teasing them in the waiting room!
I hope to touch base with you and take Villa to some advanced training classes this year.
Many wishes to your success and we are eternally grateful for your help with Villa.
Kelly Buchanan
and family

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