Thursday, December 9, 2010

Competition Heats Up Between Rainy And Colby For Geese

Fast Pup Dog Training clients Jim and Cindy sent this post today:


Not that there is any competition between hunters or their dogs :-))--but recently, as Rainy and Jim were pheasant hunting, Dennis and Colby went to the property in Ocosta for waterfowl hunting and got four geese in one day.  Then another goose and Colby was ahead by five geese.  Thus the 2010 competition begins. 

Jim and Rainy headed out to Ocosta yesterday, Dec 8th, not knowing how the day would go.  The day started slow watching deer and elk in the field and geese that landed in a different field. Then came the first goose within range, followed by a double and ending the morning with a limit of four.

Rainy waits in the blind for action
Rainy's manners in the blind are getting better, she is more patient waiting to be sent for the retrieve.  It helps that she can no longer jump out but has to be let out.  On the double she could not see where both birds went down so once again a blind retrieve was the order of the day.
Rainy is just a speck at 11:00 o'clock as she returns with the goose

Bringing home the poultry

So the day ended and the 2010 goose score so far is Colby 5, Rainy 4.  More to come --

Rainy had a very productive day

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Fast Pup Dog Training said...

Congratulations to both Jim and Rainy and Dennis and Colby as well! Glad to see that all the retriever training is paying off! Keep up the great work, both of you.