Friday, December 24, 2010

That Christmas Franki Ate The Baby Jesus

Frankie:  Gone but never forgotten!

Fran Seagren posts this Christmas memory about her Brittany Spaniel, Franki
When Jessie, the youngest, was about five or six, she came home from school one year with a brown paper lunch sack.  As she took her coat off she proudly announced she had a surprise for us – something for under our Christmas tree.   As we looked inside the sack, I could see a little nativity scene.  She showed us “the baby Jesus” who had a little red felt cape with a fancy tiny gold ribbon tied around his neck.  She had painted a face on him with a marking pen.  He was lying in a cardboard and toothpick manger.  It was very cute; and we told Jessie how much we liked it.

Jessie had set the sack down as all the kids moved off and we started to fix dinner.  Suddenly, we heard Jessie shriek, “Franki ate the baby Jesus!”  As we rushed back into the living room where Jessie was, we saw Franki, our Brittany, scoot out of the room looking as guilty as she was.  I remembered “the baby Jesus” was actually a peanut.  We should have thought about this earlier – there was absolutely nothing resembling food that Franki wouldn’t eat if given the slightest chance.  The older kids also heard the alarm and when we were all together in the living room with Jessie saying over and over, “Franki ate the baby Jesus”, it suddenly struck us as hilarious  – well, everyone except Jessie.

A couple days later when I was outside cleaning up  dog poop, guess what I found with his red felt cape and fancy gold ribbon?  He was actually in perfect shape – just needed a little bath.  Scott said “no way!”  So, that Christmas we had a nativity scene without the main character.  But, after all these years, I can clearly see that little face with his red cape.   And if any of us that witnessed the crime utter the words, “Franki ate the baby Jesus”, it sends us into peals of laughter.      


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