Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Testimonial For Tacoma's Fast Pup Dog Training

Clients Naoko and Andy came to us for help with their Large Munsterlunder Pointer this summer.

Naoko and Andy write:

We were at our wits end when we decided to take private lessons with Kate Johansson of FastPup Dog Training.  We had a big young dog who would bolt on the leash yanking us off our feet on a daily basis and we were desperate for a solution. None of the non-electronic control collars we tried on our own produced satisfactory results. The videos that came with the electronic collar we bought seemed to be leaving something important out.  Results of the training Kate gave us exceeded all our expectations, and people are amazed at the positive changes in our dog.  Some say "Are you sure this is the same dog you had?." and other owners who saw us handle our dog at the off leash park near us said "Would you train our dog?"  This is amazing as one of us has been very resistant to the idea of the e-collar for a long time.

Kate convinced us both about the benefit of the positive language of the e-collar when used properly.  It seemed like a very expensive school but the training for us and our dog was definitely worth what we paid. Kate’s refresher classes offered to former private students are a great opportunity to revisit the lessons - followed by fun agility and playtime! 

Kate is excellent and we are very very happy to have gone to her.

Andy and Naoko

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Fast Pup Dog Training said...

Thanks for the kind words Naoko! Yes, a very good point you bring up: The books that come with the electronic collars leave a lot out. Remote training collars are an excellent tool, but a much broader understanding of the psychology of dogs and dog training is needed to be able to use them properly. Remote trainers need to be used with competence and confidence. You would never try to fly a plane just by reading a book, and learning to properly train a dog with a remote training collar needs hands on instruction and teaching as well.

Kate Johansson, Fast Pup Dog Training, Tacoma Washington