Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tacoma Dog Trainer Kate Johansson Helps Calm Distracted German Shepherd

After veterinary technician Kelly Buchanan saw the incredible changes in an aggressive dog (Buddy) she referred to us, she was ready to try our training on her own rescue dog, Villa, a two year old German Shepherd. Here is her testimonial.

Villa learned the place command.

Dear Kate:

I am writing this note to you to tell you how truely surprised and impressed i have been with your work with us and Villa and the progress we have made! After 10 years of working as a vet technician, I have seen many badly behaved dogs. Never did I think I would own one!

Into our life steps, Villa, a 2 1/2 year old german shepard that needed a home. When Villa came to us, she did not have any "household manners". She wouldn't sit, or come when called, she jumped and chased our cats, and knocked down kids. I wasn't sure how in the world we were going to make it work out! Villa wasn't able to go on a walk on the leash without her prong collar, and even then, she pulled and choked herself the entire way. I was terrified to walk her around other dogs, strangers, or small animals.

Although I was hesitant to use a different training method than I was used to, I decided to trust Fast Pup Dog Training as I had seen some impressive results with dogs I knew from my work. Even though I really didn't have the money, I decided to go to a meet and greet and watch the free demo and see what it was all about. Thank goodness that I did! Kate,you even suggested we bring Villa that day. We had our three kids tagging along, my husband , myself and this big dog! What a site we were to see being dragged through the parking lot by this dog who obviously was "in charge" as I yelled NO and HEEL to no avail. How embarrassed I felt as Villa barked at all the other dogs and strained at the end of her leash as though to attack them.

By the end of the demo, it was clear that the dog that was acting up was clearly OUR dog, Villa! So off she went with Kate to do some work and exercises. After about 5 minutes, I was invited to participate. How great it was to walk around that area with her, and have her finally paying attention to me! I was in charge! What a difference. I learned so much that first day and knew that I couldn't afford NOT to sign us up. It was that clear. Truely, once you get a glimpse of what you and your dog can do with the proper teaching, you will be astounded and hooked! Its a great feeling of accomplishment and the dogs feel so much more sane with clear limits and rules.
Now Villa is not the "stressor" that she once was for me. I know that I can walk her with or without the leash and trust her to stay with me, ignore distractions and obey me without question. Her home manners have improved also! Villa does not chase the cats anymore, and she stays out of areas of the house that I do not want her in. (no more baby gates for us) There is no counter surfing or begging at the kitchen table during dinner. Even my 11 year-old son, can ask Villa to sit and stay for her food dish. She will not budge until he releases her.

It is such pleasure to live with an animal. They are here for us unconditionally, for comfort and security and companionship. My relationship with Villa has changed dramatically after enrolling in Fast Pup Dog Training. We now can enjoy each other's personalities and play together without fear of all the bad behaviours. I can take Villa on walks/runs and be at ease. My children can take Villa to the school park and throw the ball for her and not fear she will run in the street or attack any animals they might meet. If I had one piece of advise for your future clients, "you owe it to your animal to at least come and see what the training is all about. And you owe it to yourself to give your dog the opportunity to have a better future. It really is worth it! Good luck!

Special thank you to Kate J
Kelly and Sean Buchanan
and kids
and Villa

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