Friday, August 14, 2009

Fast Pup Dog Training Saves Aggressive Shepherd Mix

I first learned about Kate and Fastpup Dog training when I noticed an exceptionally well behaved Border Collie at the dog park. This dog was doing exactly everything it was told and was not distracted by anything. I was so impressed I commented to the owner. He then told me about Kate and her training technique. I did some research on the Internet and contacted Kate to set up a demo. My husband and I were at the end of our leash with our 1 year old 65Lbs mutt, Snoop. We adopted him from the Humane Society at 3 months and up until about 5 months everything seemed ok. Then we started to notice his aggression. I started to bring him to the office, but too many people complained that he was loud and out of control. Several guests indicated they were scared of Snoop and he was politely asked to leave until he had better manners. We knew we needed some help, but we weren’t sure where to go. By 8 months Snoop had completed your standard $130 basic and advanced obedience, but his aggression was only getting worse. We had the trainer from the obedience school come over, but that didn’t help. It was pretty much a waste of $120. I was excited to see Kate’s demo, but a little scared of the cost. When we first arrived at the demo, Snoop didn’t waste a second. He started barking, growling, lunging and even tried to bite Kate. Needless to say, no one wanted to come near him. Within a few minutes I was in tears. I was embarrassed that I had no control over my dog, I was sad that he tried to bite someone and I just felt so defeated. I did my best to keep Snoop under control and watch the demo which was very impressive. All the dogs did as they were told even with Snoop as a major distraction. Even though the demo was great, I wasn’t convinced that Kate would be able to help MY dog. I had no proof that any of these had been aggressive in the past. So, Kate said if I put the collar on Snoop, she would do a demo with him and me. Within less than 10 minutes, we were sitting back down and Kate was petting Snoop…the same dog that tried to bite her 20 minutes earlier! We were sold! Snoop has now been in training for about 4 months and we have a completely new dog. We can have Snoop off leash and we are confident that we have complete control over him. We can have guests come to the house and we are completely confident that Snoop will stay on his bed and let our guests come into the house without being barked and growled at in the face. We still have work to do, but we’ve seen a HUGE improvement and it’s been worth every penny. In fact we were so happy we just signed our 3 year 65 Lbs old husky mix, Shorty, up for training as well. Shorty is not aggressive, but has her own issues. Shorty has NEVER come when called and is a terrible leash walker. She pulls on the leash so hard that I had to have acupuncture for my shoulder and she gets very excited to see other dogs and tries to run over to them all. She has been in training with Kate for 4 days and already we’ve seen a huge improvement. We have a dog who comes when called and behaves nicely on a leash. We look forward to being able to have both Snoop and Shorty off leash and responsive very soon. Fastpup Dog Training is the way to go!

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