Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fast Pup Dog Training Takes Pup to Mark Fall Hunt Test

Ms. Beans (7 month old Labrador Retriever Pup) ran her second Junior Hunt Test at the Rainier Hunting Retriever Club this weekend! It was only for training--just to get her started getting used to handling excitement around a crowd, gunshots for other dogs, having to wait in holding blinds for her turn to go, and so forth. But she surprised us!. She did a fabulous job on marking in the land series. She dug out the ducks just as pretty as you please and brought them back like a pro.

The water series (on Jig's Pond at Bob Pepper's farm,) was a little more tricky. The first mark landed behind a huge floating log. Most of the dogs swam around it and that caused them a big hunt. Beans had a big hunt too. She stayed out looking everywhere for a long time but then came all the way back to her handler without the bird. (YIKES!) When she was encouraged to go back out and look for the bird she jumped in the water and snapped off a lilly pad with her teeth and tossed it back to Kate. What a little clown! Then, with a little more encouragement she took off back to the fall. This time she climbed over the log and was right on line with the duck. She grabbed it proudly and brought it back all full of herself. Then, she got to go out and get the second water mark--which she nailed. She came up the hill from the pond and kept turning back--looking longingly at the water. That was WAY fun!

Sorry Ms. Beans! That's all you get for today. We will be training Friday and we will have another hunt test this coming weekend. This one will be the Evergreen Golden Retriever Club's Fall Hunt Test at Bob Peppers Farm.

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