Thursday, August 20, 2009

Where To Turn When Dog Is Aggressive

Cindy, John and Cole with Buddy

(See Testimonial Below)

Fast Pup Dog Training, Tacoma recently was called for help with an aggressive Lab/Shepherd mix. "Buddy" had been taken in as a rescue and although he was very loving and affectionate around the house, he had been becoming more and more territorial about people visiting his home. Additionally, he had been developing aggressive behavior when one of his owners, Cindy would try to walk him on a leash.

At Fast Pup Dog Training, we get calls frequently for help with aggressive behavior. We believe that most of these dogs can be trained and rehabilitated. We teach the owners how to interrupt and redirect behaviors so that the dog will lose bad habits and replace them with better ones.

Testimonial from John & Cindy:

"We just want to give a big thanks to Kate at Fast Pup dog training. Our family has a Lab/German Shepherd mix that was having aggression problems when other people would approach us or our home. Our vet recommended a couple of different trainers for our problem. The first guy was all about the money and how there was no guarantee that he could correct the issues. We contacted Fast Pup and spoke to Kate. At our first meeting she explained how her training worked and showed us her dogs in action. At first we thought “yeah, right” but when we saw her 6month old lab respond and obey her commands, we knew she was doing something right. When we discussed the price, at first we were “WOW”, but then came to realize it was an investment we were willing to make. We never thought that our dog would listen to our commands and walk off leash, but we were wrong. I’m happy to say Kate was correct, that it only took a couple of sessions before we saw results! Our dog now sits in the front yard with all of the neighborhood distractions and lets people come over and say hi. We can honestly say this was a terrific investment, and we are so happy with the results."

Thanks again,
John & Cindy--Puyallup, WA

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