Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fast Pup Dog Training Helps Douge de Bordeaux

We were referred to Kate by a close friend of our breeder. Keona, our Douge de Bordeaux, was beyond my control any more at 1 yr of age. He was a beautiful, headstrong in your face 145 # puppy. We had been through 2 different companies in town that were positive, reward-type training--but our puppy was not ever treat motivated.

We had come to our breaking point when Keona was big enough to jump at me, especially from behind, and attempt to knock me off my feet. This, of course, was unacceptable--as was the extreme pulling when trying to walk on a leash (and just forget about coming when being called.) We finally contacted Kate late January '09, and we have been so glad we did. With Fast Pup Dog Training & Kate's help our now 150+ puppy comes when called, walks nicely on leash and off, and has not jumped up on anyone since starting training in February '09!

Keona is now becoming a great Douge and we are so glad we made the investment into the Fast Pup Dog Training. Comparing the cost of the most recent class we went to prior to Kate, we have more then gotten our monies worth. For anyone who is trying to justify cost--Kate is so much more then we can describe (as words are sometimes not enough.)

Kate, we can not thank you enough as you truly saved Keona from going back to the breeder. He really is turning into one of the best dogs we've had...

Eryn & Kurt Mueller Keona and the girls...

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