Monday, November 29, 2010

Proper Hunting Attire

Friend and guest author, Fran Seagren reported from the eastern Washington quail and pheasant season last week.

Mike and Rhonda sport the latest in hunting attire

We met our friends, Mike and Rhonda, in eastern Washington for quail and pheasant hunting a couple weeks ago.  As they stepped out of their truck, I took a second look.  I asked them to stop for a minute so I could grab my camera.   I just had to get a picture of “the perfect upland hunting attired couple.”  I thought they looked good enough to be in a magazine. 

Then, today, Scott was browsing through an Orvis catalog that came in the mail.  He showed me what – in some circles - is considered “proper” upland hunting attire.  (Hope the picture comes through OK - it was taken with our camera of the catalog.)

Then, we got to talking about how the Orvis outfit would work in the cover we normally hunt.  We wondered if the “shooting flashes” (little tassels on the sides of the socks) would be resistant to the burrs that get stuck in our red setters ears.   Or how the Orvis “shooting stockings” work when it comes to some of the swampy areas we run across.  I don’t know what to think of the boots.  I’ve never seen any like them before.   But, it is fun to see what the English are wearing these days.

The picture is of Sarge quartering in front of me in some typical cover.  Shortly after this picture was taken, he flushed up a single quail.

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Claire said...

I have been knitting my own shooting stockings for years they so much better than normal socks, great pictures by the way.