Thursday, November 4, 2010

We Love Our Dogs, But...

From Fran's Hunting Diary:

A couple days ago, Scott was about to eat a cheeseburger and chips.  (please don't tell Michele Obama)  He had set his lunch on the little table in our den with the burger wrapped in a paper towel.  He came back out to the kitchen to get something and Sarge moved in and helped himself.  Scott returned to find nothing but an empty plate and the paper towel on the floor with Sarge's nose in it.  He yelled at Sarge who ran out of the den like his butt was on fire.  But, a little while later, Sarge crawled and "groveled" back in the den toward Scott.  He was obviously "sucking up" for his mistake.  He was hilarious and this picture doesn't capture how funny he was.  Sarge kept his eyes closed as he scooted along the floor, grunting and squeaking and moaning toward Scott. (Scott called me to come in - he was laughing and trying to be "firm" with Sarge.) When Sarge got close, Scott was telling him he was a "bad boy" for eating his lunch.  Sarge would "squint" his eyes open, then quickly close them again.  Like if he didn't "see" Scott's face, it wouldn't be so bad.  It was hilarious, but typical of something Sarge would do - "Mr. Pathetically Lovable."   He appears to be "soft", but when it comes to hunting, he's as tough as nails and absolutely fearless when it comes to the nastiest cover.  It took him all of 'one time' in the eastern Wash nasty cover to figure out where the birds are.  You can't keep him out of it, now.

I'll send you a "Sarge hunting story" from yesterday.  I got the details/description from Scott today.  Sarge is amazing!

Fran :)

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