Monday, November 29, 2010

Western Washington Pheasant Hunting

Fast Pup Dog Training clients Jim and Cindy Olson, posted from the field over Thanksgiving weekend.

Jim and Rainy Olson return from a pheasant hunt


Rainy has one more day of pheasant hunting on western Washington pheasant release and then she will be switching to geese and ducks down in Ocosta for the rest of the season.  The pheasant population was down for our trip to North Dakota so we came home with fewer birds this year than last but Rainy has come a long way with her field work so, all in all, it has been a good 2010 pheasant season.

 I believe that all of our retriever training with you the past couple of years is now paying off in terms of her field work.  She is handling well for Jim in the field, she is taking casts and coming back when whistled to keep her in shotgun range.

I know we have not been training for pointing and holding birds but Rainy is starting to point her birds before flushing them.  Unfortunately, I have not been camera ready when she has been on point.  I did get a couple of shots from yesterday.  She got three birds up and one retrieve.  One that got away was so low Jim might have hit Rainy if he had taken his one clear shot.  Needless to say, that one flew away.

More as the goose season progresses –

Cindy and Jim

See our video of hunting retriever puppy training.

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