Sunday, November 21, 2010

Training A Successful Hunting Retriever

Fast Pup Dog Training client, Dennis White and his dog Colby went hunting at their property near Ocean Shores, WA yesterday.  Dennis writes:

Colby and I went to Ocosta yesterday hunting and it turned into a good day. If it were not for all the retriever training it would not have been so good.

I shot 1 duck which flew a long way before dropping across the water and into some thick cover. Colby was out of sight of the fall and I only had a idea were it was so I lined him up and sent him for the blind retrieve. Within a few casts he was in the heavy cover about 90 yards out and found the duck.

The second blind retrieve was when 2 geese came in and 1 dropped them right in front of us, but was still alive and swimming, the other 50 yards across the water and behind some reeds. I first sent him to the live bird as not to loose it and them to the one behind the reeds. I could not go in a straight line because of the reeds so I sent him to the left ant then a right cast were he retrieved the goose from the bank.

I am very happy to have a trained dog and it sure makes hunting a pleasure. Thanks for all your help getting us to this point.

Dennis & Colby

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