Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ugliest Most Beautiful Off Leash Dog Park In Tacoma

Dog parks:  Large fenced-in areas where people take distracted, unruly, untrained dogs to run carefree, and let them do whatever they want--even if it is extremely annoying to other dogs and people.  Sometimes, even though there are signs prohibiting aggressive dogs, there are dog fights.  Sometimes, even though there are signs advising people to be respectful of one another, there are fights among the dogs' people.  

The city of Tacoma has come up with an ingenious idea.  They have what they call demonstration dog parks.  A "demonstration" dog park is one where the dogs are allowed to be off leash if the handler has voice control over their  dog and get this:  there is no fence! 

We visited the Tacoma's newest demonstration dog park today at 6002 S Adams Street off 56th Street and South Tacoma Way.  It looks like a great big empty vacant lot next to the ball fields at the South End Recreation area.  There is grass growing there and there is a large area for the dogs to romp and play.  The best part of the dog park?  There was no one there!

Not sure why there were no dogs there, but I am thinking that maybe there just aren't very many people who have the awesome off leash control over their dogs needed to visit the park.  It was a beautiful place as far as the dogs were concerned and they loved it. 

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